PWA Offers Web Site Program to Retail Members

The Performance Warehouse Association is proud to announce a new program that provides an opportunity for Retailers who do not have a web site or who need a replacement web site to participate in the PWA eJobber Web Site program. PWA has entered into an agreement with eTool Developers to allow PWA members and other retailers listed in (also known as to create a public web site. This new program allows you to build a web site that is not only informative but also very economical.

eTool Developers will provide support and training to assist you each step along the way in designing, setting up and maintaining your web site. In this program, you will have your own web site with your own web site address. If you have not already registered a domain address, eTool Developers can obtain a domain name for you. Hosting for the web sites will also be provided by eTool Developers.

To create and maintain your web site, you will be given your own administration area on your web site that you can access at any time with your own user name and password. This administration area allows you to easily set up your web site by entering text, graphics, photos and anything else you want, such as customer coupons, news from the track, schedules of upcoming events, new product introductions, etc. You can return at any time 24 hours a day/7 days a week to update your information simply by connecting to the internet and logging on to your web site.

This administration area will allow you activate or deactivate entire web pages or any other features on the web site. You can revise and update content whenever you like. Importantly, you can update web site text using the keywords and phrases that web site visitors use when conducting a search for your products or services. This is extremely beneficial for placement in search engine rankings on the internet.

eJobber now offers an optional shopping cart module that will allow sales from your web site. See the ‘Add a Shopping Cart’ section below for more details.


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